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With numerous options to advertise and promote your business, why choose GBF? Why not I say… but then I would… so in all seriousness here’s why…

You’ve heard of a one-way street? the marketing equivalent being an ad listed, posted, plastered, inserted, stuck, pinned – you get my drift; somewhere where someone will see it, hopefully where those who see it are likely to be interested in what your ad says (because targeting rocks).

A 2-way street is what we are here, you list your business and skills, and customers search for you specifically. We also share your listing on Facebook to people who are asking for you, to our group of over 14,200 Members.

The results – customers find the real and insured business they’re looking for, meaning businesses attract the kind of customers they want - those who value quality and the real deal – everyone’s a winner ✌️

Any questions at all, just comment or call 👇☎️


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How do? Welcome to our blog, chuffed to be writing this as it means we have a website, yay!

Here we’ll discuss all things GBF – how it works, what to do, new stuff, tales of a GBFinder, all that kind of jazz. If there’s anything you want to see featured do get in touch, or if you’re a Member or a customer and would like to guest blog about your GBF experience, we’d love to publish what you have to say.

GBF has always been and always will be about providing real measurable value to customers looking for great businesses, and to businesses looking for more great customers.

Our mission is to continue adding value on an ongoing basis – because making a difference is what we’re about.

Any questions at all, just comment or call ☎️


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